Gouvia Marina, Corfu

Just a quick update. We’ve parked here for a couple of weeks before the trip begins again with new crew arriving today. Being here allowed me to get a few things done on the boat, such as getting an electric starter installed on Sea Horse, our trusted dinghy. It’s a bit of a pain in the neck to start a 20HP motor with the rope. Pressing the red button is better! I also found a good sail maker to make a see through sun cover for the wind shield (creating more shade in the cockpit), a sun awning for the forward part of the boat (making the forward cabin cooler hopefully) and make some improvements to our existing awnings. Sun protection is crucial during the summer and these things will make the boat even more comfortable next summer.

Before the Brunners left, we had time to explore Corfu some - a relatively clean and nice town with some fortresses to look at as well. I’ve now updated the pictures on Smugmug if you’re interested.


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