Grenada Excursion

This weekend, Rieke, Benno and I drove to Grenada for a bit of serious sightseeing. The Alhambra was truly spectacular - well worth a visit. Rieke had us on a tight schedule, making sure we saw all the other sights of Granada as well, such as the cathedral, the Arab quarter and the walk by the river. On the way back, we drove over the Sierra Nevada which true to its name, was covered in snow. Interesting ski areas without ski lifts. People walk up and ski down! We also caught Gadix, where some people still live in semi-caves - the front looks like a house and the back of the house is dug into the mountain.

The drive down from 2000m to the boat started out spectacular and then you get into the Almeria plane which is literally covered with plastic. This is where much of the Spanish fruits and vegetables are grown. The growing happens in ramshackle huts made from sticks and plastic sheets. Almerimar, where the boat was over the last five months, is a resort town where you don't see much of that ugly plastic.

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