Nice sailing in Spain in January but

Yesterday we had the great idea to try our anchoring skills. We launched the dinghy in the morning, put the engine on it and put the whole thing on the davits. Sounds easy but at a weight of 55 kg for the dinghy and 45 kg for the outboard, not that easy. Amels are great boats - they come with electric blowers to blow up the dinghy, a special halyard to get it in the water over a block on the mizzen boom and to lower the outboard down on it. But it's complicated and we don't have practice!!! No problem, 2 hours later it was done!

So we had a great sail in a light southerly and got to the beautiful anchorage with almost no houses when the sun was going down. No problem, anchor down, we're set. Yes, we noticed the slight swell that seemed to work around the headland into the bay but all was well until midnight. Then the offshore wind stopped and the boat turned sideways to the swell ..... So we didn't get much sleep. We now know: no excuses for not putting out the kedge anchor to keep the boat in line with the swell!

Today everything was forgotten - sunshine, great southerly breeze, the gennaker is rigged and we sail along nicely. Rieke wanted the aft deck cushions out! But we decided against that second night at anchor - we now know where to get the swell forecast!


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