After overnight stops in Kythnos and Siros in quiet conditions, we ended up anchored in Ormos Skhinou on Nisos Rinia, an uninhabited island just a couple of miles from the island of Delos, and maybe 5 miles from Mykonos. The conditions were great - a nice Southerly breeze, perfect water and nobody around in the anchorage. We hopped into the dinghy and voila, 10 minutes later set foot on the island of Delos. Until a tripper boat arrived an hour later, we were the only visitors. This is the island after which the Amel Supermaramu (a 2000 model of an Amel, predecessor of Kincsem) “Delos” was named. SV Delos, for those of you who do not watch YouTube videos about circumnavigations and exotic sailing locations, is crewed by a bunch of Twenty (or now Thirty) year olds who are on circumnavigation since 2010. The videos are very entertaining and (by now) almost professional quality. Check out the YouTube channel!

Anyways, here we were on Delos, the religious and political center of the Aegean as early as 500 BC. Legend has it that Apollo was born here. The famous Delos oracle lived here. And the island had a big harbor where a lot of trading passed through. Although as often with archaeological sites, you need a lot of phantasy to see what supposedly is there, we could certainly see that there used to be a lot of temples and lots of large merchant houses. The size of the overall site is also quite impressive. And yes, we did see the famous Delos lions.


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