Back in Las Palmas

After a 7 weeks hiatus in San Francisco, I’m back on Kincsem.  There were a few items the sailmaker was supposed to finish during my absence, which of course didn’t happen.  I also have a few things to do before the transatlantic.  So it’s good to be back. 


The harbor is completely changed from September – all the boats who are not participating in the ARC either left or are now on the anchorage in the main harbor just outside the marina breakwater. 


There must be more than 50 boats anchored outside the marina now – all won’t participate in the ARC


I got here the day before the start of ARC + - the rally which stops on the Cap Verde Islands before continuing to the Caribbean.  That was 90 boats, the ARC in which Kincsem will be participating and which goes direct from here to St. Lucia, will be 160 boats.  Some 100 of those are already here – the others are arriving daily.  The daily  cocktail parties have started, the seminars are starting tomorrow.  So the excitement is building! 


Kincsem wedged in between an Amel 60 and a Contest 57 – at 55 feet, we’re one of the smaller boats on this dock.  There are 40 boats over 60 feet long entered for the ARC! 


Our San Francisco friends Adam and Guillemette Spiegel and their son Seth are here as well with their fabulous, brand new Halberg Rassy 57, called Saltair.  They are in the ARC as well.  They are fellow J105 racers and are members of our sailing club St. Francis as well – what a coincidence that they’re in the same rally!  They’re planning to continue on the World ARC in January. 


The Kincsem crew for the ARC will be Daniel, my cousin Rainer, his wife Almut and our old friend Achim.  Rainer, Almut and Achim were part of the 2021 heavy weather sail from Gibraltar to Madeira, which Achim calls the “Höllenritt” – the ride from hell!  So we’re well prepared for whatever the Atlantic will throw at us!  Start is at 1300 local time on November 19.  The tracker will be working and you can check on our position at  There will also be a fleet tracker accessible at which shows the positions of all boats updated on a regular basis.   Wish us luck! 


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