Martinique en Famille

For a short week, Daniel, Marla, Sophie and Lucas visited Kincsem – and even the Admiral threw in an appearance!  Kincsem was transformed into a playhouse in no time.  Little shoes were dropped down the hatches to hilarious laughter, the swim platform was heavily used and Opa had to do “Speed Mode” on the dinghy often to get the crew to full shreaks!  We probably spent more time on the beach than at any other week during Kincsem’s existence!  Certainly more sand castles were constructed than in weeks before!

What a great game!

Thanks to fellow Amel 55 owners Bruno and Elaine Cotte for the sand toys!

I picked them up in Rodney Bay, St Lucia. Here we are sailing over to Martinique!

Keeping up with feeding 2 hungry kids on a boat is a big challenge!

Arrived in Anse Meunier, Martinique

New playgrounds are constructed everywhere in Kincsem!

Kincsem in beach trim

The anchoring process is very interesting for Sophie and Lucas!


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