Cruising life is gathering steam! As I'm writing this, we're in a lovely anchorage tucked between two islands north of Formentera. No other boats around. Yesterday, we sailed over from the mainland - about 60 miles. Had a great breeze from the North all the way - had to take in the mizzen and reef the main for comfort at times. Plenty of practice for the index fingers (those that work the electric controls for the furlers for the sails)!

Sunday night we spent in another great anchorage wedged between some high rocks off Cabo de la Nao (see picture of the sunrise yesterday). In fact, it was so tight that we decided to bring out the kedge anchor at the stern to hold the boat into the Easterly swell (i'm learning). That little maneuver provided some good entertainment for the afternoon and a bit of yesterday because after bringing out the anchor, we winched up the dinghy and managed to jam the starboard davit. No mas down! So how to we get the kedge anchor and 50 m of line back without being able to launch the dinghy? Well, Amels come with 100m of anchor chain on the primary anchor so you just let that out and bring in the kedge from the boat. No problem.

Happy to report that we took the davit apart yesterday afternoon, winched it down manually a few centimeters and now it's working again! Proved my theory that I will have to take apart everything on this boat at least once before I know how it works!


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