We had another great sailing day yesterday. It started out very light downwind, which enabled us to try the "three way" wing to wing: gennaker to port, main to starboard and mizzen to port. It worked nicely! It ended with a nice broad reach with afternoon sun in the cockpit. Refreshments were enjoyed ....

We figured out what "fish farms" are: they have yellow buoys anchored in pretty deep water and between them they seem to rig nets to keep the fish in but they also put a net over the entire area to keep the birds from eating what they're growing. One thing's for sure: can't sail through those things, which wasn't exactly clear from the chart.

We're in a big marina here - there's another Amel 55 and a 54 right across from our dock. And then a lot of big motorboats, of course. All waiting for the season so they can sail to Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca. Luckily, we will be ahead of that crowd when we are there.


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